As many of you know, our journey of growing/starting our family began 6 years ago. Through the 2.5 failed IVF attempts and several months of researching and praying about adoption as a possibility, both Brandon and I have come to realize and accept the growing costs of this journey. Truth be told, adoption costs are quite high, and it is one of the main reason potential parents don’t pursue it. The cost of adoption is not for the faint of heart. Adoption fees include: attorney’s fees, travel fees, home studies, and a lot of paperwork. Sometimes I’ll joke around with Brandon about how we’ve already spent our future child’s college fund. With all that said, we never let the cost of this journey affect our desire to become parents. We continue to faithfully trust in God and His provision and timing for us.

Many of you have asked how you can help us as we embark on this new chapter of our lives. Our first response is always for your prayers:

  • Pray for the birth parents – for the birth mother’s health, safety, and emotional stability.
  • Pray for the health and protection of the child.
  • Pray for the Lord to heal and soften our hearts so that we are prepared to love the child God places us with.
  • Pray for God’s wisdom, peace, and patience during the process.

Another way you can help us is through fundraisers. Our goal is to raise $30,000 to help with some of the adoption costs. If you feel led to support financially, please check out some of our partnered fundraisers:

  • Artwork Fundraiser : original artwork created specifically for our adoption fund.
    • Featuring “dream BIG”, an origami T-Rex artwork imagined and created by our talented friend Willie Hsu then transformed into a serigraph by Marianne.
    • Other original screenprinted goods/serigraphs hand pulled with special inks by Marianne.
  • Jewelry Fundraiser : Our friend, Megan of SaltRose Jewelry, has designed a pair of earrings called “Marianne”. 100% of proceeds from the sales will go towards the Gee Family Adoption.
  • GoFundMe : Gee Family Adoption (an online fundraising platform)

The title “dream BIG” PERFECTLY describes our adoption journey and our hopes for the future of our little one.